Yonex VCORE 95 – Modell 2021

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Yonex adds another chapter to one of their most surgical player’s rackets.

It’s called the VCORE 95 and it has been reengineered with a new beam construction and material technology. With its compact head, sub-325 swingweight and moderate stiffness level, this stick combines the traditional virtues of control and feel with impressive levels of speed and spin. In addition to getting a slightly thicker, more powerful beam for 2021, Yonex has widened the racket’s head north of the 3/9 o’clock axis, resulting in a more powerful and spin-friendly hitting experience. The VCORE 95 has also been updated with Flex Force, a uniquely flexible graphite (NAMD-2) used in the racket’s midsection to help the racket bend more optimally at impact. To increase spin-potential, this racket comes with String Sync, a grommet design that helps the strings snapback more powerfully during impact. To help with comfort Yonex adds a Vibration Dampening Mesh in the handle for a smoother feel at impact. The signature technology lies in this racket’s ISOMETRIC head shape, which is the feature that makes Yonex racket’s feel precise and responsive. On the court the VCORE 95 not only delivers outstanding ball feedback, the compact head makes it feel like a scalpel on full swings. The headlight balance and low swingweight translate seamlessly to hitting shots on the run or whipping up vicious head speed when loading the ball with spin. This stick also shines at net where it feels solid against pace while also moving quite fast when the pressure is on.

With some impressive updates the feel and beam construction, the VCORE 95 keeps getting better. Experienced players looking for a speedy and surgical midsize racket with outstanding feel should start here.


    • Kopfgröße (cm²):  612
    • Schlägerhülle:  Ja
    • Besaitungsbild:  16/20
    • Profil (mm):  21,5
    • Gewicht unbesaitet in g:  310
    • Länge (mm):  687
    • Balancepunkt (mm):  310
    • Besaitet:  Nein

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